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I guess agoraphobia has been cured--except for me s... ... 9 Nov 2009 22:17
Help for agoraphobia.
Hi, I found many valuable ideas and methods for working with agoraphobia and emotions here. Http://www.Emoclear.com Kendra ... 3 Sep 2009 08:00
Phobia Release Program.
Proven Advice To Cure ANY Phobia – From A Professional, Certified Phobia Treatment Expert According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the root of a phobia is an erroneous assemblage of your mental codes. NLP is a set of methods that have been refined and tested over several decades with hundreds of thousands of p... 3 Sep 2009 08:00
When you first started getting symptoms of agoraphobia, how old were then, and how old are you now? Was there a specific trigger? Are you getting treatment, and if so, how do you leave your house to go and get that treatment? Do you have other phobias? How severe is your agoraphobia (like never go out) I'... 25 Jun 2008 21:12
Agoraphibia - local to Chattanooga, TN. USA
Hi I was Agoraphobic and semi house bound for over 17 years before I started to recover. Now I would like to help others to regain their freedom via networking locally. I am not a doctor and I have nothing to sell etc. just would like to help other by sharing ideas and tips for becoming free again. If any... 17 Nov 2007 09:23
Things You Are Thankful For
What are 5 things that you are thankful for? **For me it would be: 1- My Niece and her little Family whom I Love very much. 2- Waking up each morning to a new day. 3- Having a roof over my head 4- Food to eat 5- God and All He the prayers He has answered for me. ** Ok Your turn! :-) ((((Hu... 23 Sep 2007 16:53
hello all
i used to read the support groups on usenet esp. agoraphobia, depression, panic and social phobia. i miss those groups and no longer have usenet access so i found this place while googling. i see a lot of familiar names. hello, Graffnoir - when you had your web page up i almost read all your posts, they gave ... 8 Jun 2007 09:41
I've been a severe agoraphobic for 10 years & have worked at home. I unexpectedly got laid off, disability benefits have been denied, unenployment benefits are almost gone. Can anyone give me an idea of what kind of at home jobs are out there and how you find them? i live in a very small town in the mountains,... 17 Apr 2006 14:33
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